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Best English Adult Jokes – A Young Girl Of

A Young Girl Of Age Fourteen Went To Work In A Broom Factory.
After 2 Months She Gave The Boss A Two-Week Notice.
The Boss Was Quite Unhappy To Let Her Go Since She Was Hard Working.
He Called Her Into His Office And Asked: “But Why?”
“Nothing, I Just Wanna Quit That’s All” She Said Sullenly.
Boss: “Look, I’ll Give You A Raise.”
Girl: “No”
Boss: “You Can’t Just Quit Like That, There Must Be A Reason Tell Me.”
“Okay If You Must Know…” Said The Girl, And She Took Off Her Underwear And Pointed To Her Pubic Hair
Girl: “Look I Haven’t Had This Before, It’s The Broom’s Bristles, I Tell You…”
Tickled By Her Innocence, He Too Took Off His Underwear And Showed His, And Said: “Ha Ha…My Dear It’s Nature, Look I Have It Too….”
“Oh No!” The Girl Cried: “I Can’t Wait Two Weeks, I Quit Now! Not Only Do You Have The Bristles, But You’ve Grown The Handle As Well.“

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