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Sexy Jokes In English – One day two old

One day, two old men were in the hallway of their nursing home in their wheelchairs. The nurse approaches the first old man who is making car noises and pretending to drive. “Homer, what are you doing?” asked the nurse. “I’m driving to Florida.” replied the man. “Okay. Be careful.” said the nurse. About an hour or so later, the nurse returned and Homer was still pretending to drive. “Where are you now, Homer?” the nursed asked the man. “Almost there” replied the old man. At that moment, the nurse looked over at the other old man who was jerking off. “What on earth are you doing, Fred?” asked the nurse. Fred replied, “I’m screwing Homer’s wife while he’s out of town!”

Updated: August 27, 2016 — 5:22 pm

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