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Month: June 2017

Gande Hindi Jokes – Yeh Lijiye Lemon Wala

“Yeh Lijiye Lemon Wala Reusable Condom!”
“Reusable Kaise”
“Isme He Nimbu Ki Shakti, Jo Chiknai Hataye, Or Condom Ko Fir Se Usable Banaye”

Majedar Adult Jokes – Not Vulgarity But Knowledge?? In

Not Vulgarity But Knowledge??
In Ancient England,
People Could Not Have Sex Without King’S Permission.
To Have A Baby, They Were Supposed To Get King’S Consent.
They Were Then Given A Card To Hang On Their Door While Having Sex,
Which Read As:
“Fornication Under The Consent Of King” (F.U.C.K.)
So The Word ‘Fuck’ Came In To Existence..!
Kisi Ko Pata Tha Kya. Nahi Na.
Bas Fuck Fuck Karte Rahte Hai.
Spread This Fucking Knowledge!?????

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