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Month: July 2018

Restricted Jokes In English – Customer My Wife Needs A

Customer: My Wife Needs A Bra But I Don’T Know The Size. Salesgirl: Touch My Breast And Try To Calculate. Customer: Oh I Forget He Needs Panties Too.

Restricted Jokes In English – Define Breast? B – Beautiful R –

Define Breast?
B – Beautiful
R – Round Shaped
E – Equipment
A – Amazingly
S – Soft With
T – Tasty Milk……

Restricted Jokes In English – Be Careful While You Shop

Be Careful While You Shop On Internet.
Our Friend Rathee Spent Rs 10,000 On A P3Nis Enlarger
Bastards Sent Him A Magnifying Glass With Instruction.
Don’T Use In Direct Sunlight.

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