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Restricted Jokes In English – An Army Man Got Married.

An Army Man Got Married. First Night His Wife Had Periods.
He Writes Letter To Headquarter: “Red Alert On Front Line, Please Extend My Leave”
Pathan Major Replied: “Don’T Worry, Attack From Back Side And Report Soon.“

Restricted Jokes In English – Father Of All Non Veg

Father Of All Non Veg:
A Family Was At The Dinner Table. Son Asked His Father—‘ Dad, How Many Kinds Of Boobs Are There??
Surprised Father Answered–
‘Well, Son, There Are Three Kinds Of Boobs:? In Her 20’S, A Woman’S Are Like Melons??, Round And Firm.?
In Her 30’S To 40’S, They Are Like Pears??, Still Nice But Hanging A Bit.?
After 50, They Are Like Onions??’.?
Father—Yes, You See Them And They Make You Cry.’?
This Made His Wife And Daughter Mad.

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