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Restricted Jokes In English – Beauty Is To See &

Beauty Is To See & Touch. Flowers Are To Smell & Pluck. Nipples Are To Play & Suck. Women Are To Love & F*Ck. All These R Free But Depends On Ur, L*Lli & Luck.

Restricted Jokes In English – Boss Hired A Sexy Secretary;

Boss Hired A Sexy Secretary; But 10 Days Later He Committed Suicide By Jumping From His 27Th Floor Office!!
Police: Who Was There At That Time In The Room??
Secretary: I Was There “”
Police: What Happened? Why Did He Commit Suicide???
Secretary: He Was A Good Man. One Day He Bought Me A Fur Coat For 2,00,000, Then He Bought Me A Diamond Necklace For Rs.15,00,000, Then He Bought Me A Diamond Ring For Rs.5,00,000. Today He Asked Me To Spend The Night With Him. I Told Him I Charge Just Rs. 500 A Night!
Moral: Investments Are Subject To Market Risk, Check The Market Rate Before Investing!!””
?? Dont Laugh Alone Pass It On…..????

Restricted Jokes In English – An Arab Was Being Interviewed

An Arab Was Being Interviewed At Us Embassy.
You Name Please?
Abdul Rehman
Your Sex?
Six Times In A Week
No, No, I Mean To Say Male Or Female
Doesn’T Matters, Sometimes Even With Camel

Restricted Jokes In English – Dad Brought A Robot Which

Dad Brought A Robot Which Slaps A Person Who Lies.
Dad: Son, Where Were You?
Son: School, Robot Slap. Son: Film.
Dad- Which One?
Son: Sai Baba, Robot Slap Again. Son: “A” Film
Dad: What? I Have Not Seen Such Films, Robot Slaps Dad.
Mom: Forgive Him Dear After All He Is Your Son, Robot Slaps Mom.

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