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Majedaar Gande Jokes Hindi Mein – एकाध बिस्कुट हो तो दे दो।

एक युवक को एक दुर्लभ बीमारी थी।
जिसका डाक्टरों के पास कोई इलाज नहीँ था।
लेकिन एक हक़ीम ने बताया की अगर कोई स्त्री एक महीने तक उसे अपना दूध पिलाये तो शर्तिया वो ठीक हो जायेगा।
ये बात जब बिरादरी को पता चली तो उसकी जान बचाने की खातिर उन्होंने मोहल्ले की एक ऐसी महिला को उस पुण्य के काम के लिये तैयार किया।
युवक दूध पीने महिला के घर पहुँच गया।
पांच मिनट दूध पीने का सिलसिला लगातार चला तो एकाएक महिला उत्तेजित भाव से युवक के कान में फुसफुसाई: कुछ और चाहिये क्या?
युवक बोला: एकाध बिस्कुट हो तो दे दो।

Restricted Jokes In English – Beauty Is To See &

Beauty Is To See & Touch. Flowers Are To Smell & Pluck. Nipples Are To Play & Suck. Women Are To Love & F*Ck. All These R Free But Depends On Ur, L*Lli & Luck.

Restricted Jokes In English – Boss Hired A Sexy Secretary;

Boss Hired A Sexy Secretary; But 10 Days Later He Committed Suicide By Jumping From His 27Th Floor Office!!
Police: Who Was There At That Time In The Room??
Secretary: I Was There “”
Police: What Happened? Why Did He Commit Suicide???
Secretary: He Was A Good Man. One Day He Bought Me A Fur Coat For 2,00,000, Then He Bought Me A Diamond Necklace For Rs.15,00,000, Then He Bought Me A Diamond Ring For Rs.5,00,000. Today He Asked Me To Spend The Night With Him. I Told Him I Charge Just Rs. 500 A Night!
Moral: Investments Are Subject To Market Risk, Check The Market Rate Before Investing!!””
?? Dont Laugh Alone Pass It On…..????

Restricted Jokes In English – An Arab Was Being Interviewed

An Arab Was Being Interviewed At Us Embassy.
You Name Please?
Abdul Rehman
Your Sex?
Six Times In A Week
No, No, I Mean To Say Male Or Female
Doesn’T Matters, Sometimes Even With Camel

Restricted Jokes In English – Condom Talking To Whisper

Condom Talking To Whisper : Dear, Every Month You Stop My Business For One Week Whisper Says : Oh ,If You Make A Mistake For One Time, I’Ll Loose My Business For “Nine” Months…..

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