Adult Jokes In English – Two immigrants new to

Two immigrants, new to America, are wandering around ontheir first day off the boat in New York City, seeing thesights. Pretty soon they realize it’s time for lunch andthey’re hungry from walking around all morning. They see astreet vendor selling hotdogs. The first immigrant says, “I can’t believe it! With all the fucking food they have they still eat dogs in America.” The second immigrant, although equally shocked, replies,”Well, we’re going to be Americans now, so we have tobehave like Americans and eat like Americans.” They approach the vendor and bravely order two hotdogs.The vendor hands them their meals in paper sacks. They finda park bench nearby where they sit down to eat their firstAmerican meal. The first immigrant looks inside his sack.Closing it quickly, he turns to his friend in shock. “Oh shit, which part of the dog did YOU get?”

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