Best English Adult Jokes – This little old lady

This little old lady was trying to rent a aparment. She just had one problem. She had two pets: A jackass donkey and a pussy cat.After haggling with a landlord he lets her move in. Over the next couple of weeks the donkey kept eating all the grass in the complex and the cat kept knocking over plants.The lanlord, finally upset with the little old lady for not controling her pets told her “The next time the donkey eats any of the grass I’m kicking it’s ass out in the road, and if that cat knock over any more plants I will rip all the hair out of it”.Well the lanlord finally carried out his words and the little old lady took her lanlord to court. The judge looks at the little old lady and asked “What exactaly did your lanlord do to you?”To which she replied, “For starters, he ripped all the hair out of my pussy and kicked my ass out into the road”

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