English Jokes For Adults – Two teenagers wander off

Two teenagers wander off to the bushes during a softball game on the outskirts of town and start necking. After a while the boy stops. “You know we’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and I think it’s time we went all the way and make mad passionate love,” he pleads. “Well, maybe,” she says, “but I’m a virgin and I heard that fucking hurts! Besides all those people at the field may hear us.” The boy stops and says, “Hmmm, well then if it hurts, start making cow sounds, and I’ll stop. But if it feels good start singing. That way no one will ever guess what we’re really doing.” The girl agrees, so they quickly take off their clothes and get down to business. Ten minutes later people watching the game hear sounds echoing through the quiet countryside so loudly that the teams stop playing. “Mooooooooo… Moooooooo… Moooooon River!”

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