Very Dirty English Jokes – The President of Acme

The President of Acme Toothbrushes is packing up his files and papers in anticipation of his Friday afternoon round of golf, when suddenly his desk intercom buzzes. “There’s a gentleman here to see you, sir,” his secretary says. “He’s here for the sales position.” Grumbling unhappily, the President tells the secretary to send the man in. In walks this man who is short, ugly, balding, and speaking with a strange harelip. “I’m here for the job,” he says. “Fine” says the President. “You have a one week trial period. Pick up the toothbrushes outside.” With that, he leaves. One week later, the short man shows up again. “Well?” says the CEO. “Not so good, sir. I only sold 5 toothbrushes. But give me one more week! I’ll do better! I’ll be the best damn salesman in your company!” “Fine. Go and sell them then.” The following week, the short man shows up at the office again and proclaims, “I sold 2,000 toothbrushes!” “What?! How did you do that?” “Well, it was quite simple. I went to the airport, you see, and I set up a table for the people coming off the plane. I had a bowl of chips at one end, toothbrushes in the middle and dip at the other end. They would take a chip, walk past the toothbrushes, and get some dip. I’d ask them, ‘How’s the dip?’ and they’d say, ‘It tastes like SHIT!’ And I’d say, ‘It is! Want to buy a toothbrush?'”

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