Unclean Jokes In English – Eons ago there lived

Eons ago, there lived a young girl named Eve. One day, she became really horny and was unable to find a man. She went out to find a suitable object to satisfy her desires. At first, she saw a baboon and thought of using its tail. She hunted the poor animal down, grabbed its tail, and started pleasing herself. The baboon did not approve, so he bit off his tail and ran away. Eve soon grew tired of playing with the limp tail and threw it away to look for another object. Her eyes fell upon a small dinosaur with a brilliant nose. She tried to grab the dinosaur several times but was unsuccessful. The dinosaur, being quite intelligent, could sense her pheromones and tried all possible escapes. Finally, Eve managed to chase the dinosaur to a small cliff. The dinosaur thought about the situation for a second and jumped the cliff. Death seemed so much nicer than nasal Sexual abuse. This pissed Eve off, and down she went to the river to cool herself off. There, she caught a fish — just the right size — and managed to satisfy her desires. The fish wriggled in displeasure and swam away, deeply ashamed. This was an interesting story. Now we know why baboons do not have tails and why dinosaurs became extinct. But we do not know how fish smelled before the incident.

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