English Adult Jokes – A family was travelling

A family was travelling on vacation when they came across a petting zoo. The children asked if they could stop, and the parents said okay. At the zoo, they saw and touched many animals and had a great time. While driving to their next vacation stop the father noticed the kids playing with something. He asked, “What have you kids got back there?” The children then produced a very cute baby skunk. The father was horrified because he realized that they had taken this skunk from the zoo. To teach his kids a lesson he told them that if they got caught they could go to jail for this. While he was reprimanding his children he hadn’t noticed that he was speeding and had just gone through a speed trap. When the police car came after him he thought that they must have found out about the skunk and that was why they were stopping him. He told the kids to keep quiet and give the skunk to their mother. He then told her to hide the skunk. She said, “Where am I going to hide it?” The father said to put it under her dress and hold it between her legs until the police left. She said, “But it stinks!” The father replied, “Well, can’t you just hold his little nose?” Vacation in FLORIDA!Anna Maria Island Rentals!

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